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Preventive care

At Castle Cove Family Dental our focus is on preventive dental care. We aim to educate and inform our patients so together we can work towards healthy smiles for life!

We recommend children start coming to the dentist at an early age. At around age 3 it is a good idea for the child to accompany a parent to one of their check-ups. It is a chance to meet the dental team and take a ride in the chair!

From then it is usually a visit once a year for check ups, preventive care and fluoride treatments. By age 5 to 6 the permanent teeth start appearing in the mouth. It is an important time for a dental check to make sure these teeth are properly developed. At this appointment we discuss preventive measures like fissure sealants to protect the new teeth from decay.

The teenage years are often a time where home dental care is less than ideal so it is important for your teenagers to continue their regular visits. The dental team can work together to encourage good oral hygiene and diet. A routine fluoride treatment is highly recommended. These measures are important to combat the often increased consumption of high sugar carbonated drinks around this age.

As an adult regular dental care is vital for the health of your teeth and gums. Cleaning the plaque and tatar from your teeth and checking for signs of early decay form part of your routine dental care. At Castle Cove Family Dental we use the latest diagnostic tools in digital xrays and intraoral cameras to help us detect problems early.


Cosmetic and general family dentistry

At Castle Cove Family dental we offer a wide range of dental services. Routine check-ups and preventive care, fillings, crowns and root canal treatment. All our patients feel at ease with the comfortable and relaxed environment we have created at Castle Cove.

If you have ever worried about the appearance of your teeth, talk to us about it! We can discuss orthodontics, teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings! We have a photo album in the waiting room with photos of our patients' amazing smile makeovers.


Children's dentistry

Castle Cove Family Dental is a wonderful place to introduce your child to a lifetime of quality dental care. Our highly qualified dental team make your child's visit fun and enjoyable.

We have a purpose built children's playroom where kids of all ages can come and have fun. The walls are decorated with pictures from our little artists and their smiling faces adorn the walls! Kids love returning to find their photo and artwork at subsequent visits!


Teeth whitening

At Castle Cove Family Dental we utilise the 'at home' teeth whitening system. We have found that this method gives the most effective and predictable results.

Teeth whitening will result in a permanent change in the colour of your teeth! You will need to make an appointment for impressions and we make custom trays to fit your teeth. You will pick up your teeth whitening kit usually a week after your appointment. In 5-10 days time you will have brighter and whiter teeth!


Happy gas

For our nervous patients and for any children requiring treatment we have happy gas or nitrous oxide. Happy Gas helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. It is very safe and effective and has no after effects. You are safe to drive or return to work or school after treatment.



We have the hicaps facility available at Castle Cove Family Dental. This service conveniently enables you to claim the cost of your dental treatment at the time of your appointment.

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